Matte Colours

The metalwork is finished using Architectural Powder coating which produces a highly durable surface ordinarily suitable for external use in any weather. For our shower this means the finish is robust enough, even for the busiest family bathroom, and the colour will always look perfect.

Matt Black

The standard of our bold design.
Black means power & control.
Sophistication & Elegance.

RAL Equivalence: 9005

Graphite Grey

Industrial grey with blue shades,
commonly known as Anthracite.
Solid, Stable & Neutral.

RAL Equivalence: 7024

Dusty Grey

Grey undertones are associated
with mindfull living and smart

RAL Equivalence: 7037


Offering a sense of peace and
calm, white is purity, innocence,
wholeness and completion.

RAL Equivalence: 9002


The perfect choice to match with
neutral pallettes.
Timeless, natural yet vidid.

RAL Equivalence: 1019


Sensual, sensitive and warm.
It highlights quality of materials,
Comfort & Structure

RAL Equivalence: 6009


The combination of yellow and
red makes orange convey excitement,
warmth and enthusiasm.

RAL Equivalence: 2008

Lemon Yellow

Yellow is uplifting and illuminating,
offering hope, happiness,
cheerfulness and fun.

RAL Equivalence: 1012

Pale Pink

Pink is intuitive and insightful,
showing tenderness and kindness
with its empathy and sensitivity

RAL Equivalence: 3015


It relates to balance and harmony,
the color of growth, the color of
spring, of renewal and rebirth

RAL Equivalence: 6019

Pastel Blue

It induces calm and peace and
it does inspire creativity and the
freedom to break free.

RAL Equivalence: 5024

Grey Navy

It is a deep midnight blue.
Sincerity, Intuition and the higher
mind colour

RAL Equivalence: 5008