Metallic Finishes

Inspired by the latest taps and brassware finishes trends, MATTE do also includes metallic finishes for BORDER Collection screens widening the spectrum of sheens to a next level. Since shiny and polished finishes from the eighties are still in vogue, we believe our linished metallic range of colours adds accent to any bathroom design.

Our metallic finishes are achieved through anodising aluminium processes. Anodising is an electrolytic process that applies an oxide film on aluminium. This film increases the metal’s naturally good corrosion resistance, and protects any polishing, linishing, etching or brightening.

Brushed Nickel

Silvery-white metal with a slight
golden tinge.

Light Bronze

Light bronze finish in between
copper and brass.

Dark Bronze

Evoking oil rubbed bronze finish
warm and sophisticated.

Brushed Steel

Driven by industrial chic trend, an
impactful yet elegant steel look.

Brushed Brass

Elegant, timeless and luxurious
yellow-coloured finish.

Brushed Chrome

Favourite finish to achieve that
contemporary edge design.