TOUCHES Collection


TOUCHES, Forest & Brushed Brass, Fluted Glass

MATTE Colours and Metallic finishes merge seamlessly in our TOUCHES Collection offering a high level of customisation. We want to manufacture your favourite choice of matt colours and metallic finishes.


It is all about matching and we know it.


Shower Door frame and spare parts are finished in a MATTE colour using architectural powder coating 30% gloss and the little touches like Hinges & Pull handle are finished in a Metallic finish.


Matte Colours available: (Shower door frame)
Metallic Finishes available: (Hinges & Handle)
Glass Options available:

Clear Glass
8 mm THG

Fluted Glass
8,8 mm THG Laminated

Frosted Glass
8 mm THG Satin etch

Grey Tinted

8 mm THG

Standard Dimensions vs Product Configuration: