Bathroom trends evolve so quickly that sometimes, it seems impossible to keep up. Black frame Shower enclosures have been very popular in recent years, but the industry is moving into other finishes away from the more traditional frameless and chrome enclosures.


The Bathroom is no longer the place where you just wash your hair, your bathroom is now an area where you express your personality through creative design.

Elegant dark blue and forest green tones, or pastel colours like mint green, lemon yellow or pale pink are now options
in ceramics, furniture and even brassware!

Metallic glamour and the Crittal comeback.

Metallic finishes and especially Brass are now the wheels that drive the new trends. Chrome is no longer king.

At DRENCH we understand where the market is moving and we are here, not to follow but to help lead and develop the moving trends.


Innovation along with meticulous design and quality manufacture have resulted in this superior bespoke solution.


Colours and finishes with our new range will create your unique statement. With DRENCH Showers, the only limitation is your imagination.

DRENCH products are manufactured in the UK in our premises in Hursley, Winchester.


DRENCH Manufacturing technique has a patent granted GB2562114 and named Hygienic Decorative bathroom partition in accordance with Patents Act 1977.


All DRENCH products have been carefully designed and tested according to BS EN 14428:2015 as per Declaration of performance included in this catalogue.